Past Exhibitions


A then B - December 17 2019 - January 12 2020 Grab-A-Slice Gallery

A then B is a group of Toronto based artists working in a variety of mediums leading to :

Collaboration, Play, Connection, Update, Alteration, Continuity, Dreaming, Generation, Elaboration, Auditing, Collision, Extraction, Expansion, Development, Heightening.


- - -


At the part A reception the artists will be taking each others pieces and implementing changes, using them to spark ideas for new projects and opening up to collaboration. The body of work will have the same foundation but be ultimately changed by the B reception.


A then B... how do we get to creative Happy?

Head Map
Cyanotypes on watercolour paper - landscape of the mind

The Portrait Exhibit - January 8 - 19 2020 Gallery 1313

A variety of portrait works using different media to be included. Presented in Process Gallery of Gallery 1313
Curated by Gallery Director, Phil Anderson

Self Portraits
Cyanotypes on watercolour paper