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Past Exhibitions


Living Image - January 14 - February 27 2022 The Halide Project, Philadelphia, PA

Living Image

The Halide Project was founded in 2015 to support the continued practice and appreciation of traditional and historic photographic processes. Based in Philadelphia, The Halide Project serves local and global communities by providing exhibition opportunities, educational programming, and other resources. We enthusiastically invite practitioners of chemistry-based photography from around the world to submit work to be considered for Living Image 2021 as a means to share their work with others and connect with like-minded artists.

Living Image showcases contemporary artists working in traditional and historic photographic techniques. Selected works will be included in an exhibition held at The Halide Project gallery in Philadelphia and published in a printed catalog to accompany the exhibition. All selected artists will receive a copy of the catalog, with additional copies available for a donation.

Ghosts Crowd Mind
Original full title "Ghosts Crowd the Young Child's Fragile Eggshell Mind", based on The Door's "The Ghost Song" lyric. It is an exploration in mental health, where a mind creates ghosts of the past to occupy cognitive space, to constant relive the traumatic experience, fighting with people who are no longer present. Cyanotype on paper.

inVited Guest Wall: inPrint/CONTACT - May 2 - June 30 2022 inPrint Collective, Toronto

inPrint's "Exposed: Self-Portraits in Blue" Exhibition at CONTACT Festival

The inPrint Collective offers a springtime exploration of cyanotype processes, inviting members and guest artists into their studio to produce artworks created under the theme of self-portraiture. Artists showcase experimental use including mixed-media, collage and installation-based methods, pushing the boundaries of the cyanotype process. Artists approach the theme as an exposure of various aspects of the inner self. Isolation during lockdowns in the past two years have allowed many to confront their vulnerabilities and strengths, in ways they never have before. Exposed considers the sense of self in flux but caught and constructed in this particular moment. 

Featuring artist Natalia Tcherniak on the “inVited” guest wall as a companion solo exhibition.

26th Edition of Toronto 2022 Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival features over 140 exhibitions and outdoor installations by Canadian and International artists.

In Response

In response to the main exhibition, this collection of works addresses the theme of being exposed and vulnerable, and relationship between skin and leather, and being comfortable in your own skin vs someone else's. It is about relationship with your environment; your connection to places that you may not inhabit.

The Printmaking Show - June 29 - July 17 2022 Gerrard Art Space, Toronto

The Printmaking Show

Gerrard Art Space is a community focused, membership driven, dedicated art space. Our mandate is to support, promote and facilitate the creation of all art forms, including visual, performance, music, poetry, spoken word, and film.

This is a non-juried show. All kinds of traditional printmaking accepted such as lithography, etching, mono print, woodblock, intaglio, etc.

Participating Artists: Olga Philip, Christine Luna Hansen, Roberto Centazzo, Ioana Bertrand, Lily S. May, Natalia Tcherniak, Michaela Lucio, Kay Compagnoni, Gerry Withey, Glenis Steuart, and Samantha Stott.

Collection to date

Combination of cyanotype with rubber or foam stamp; a screen print on washi paper

Emerging Soul - September 29 - October 14 2022 Dolly's Presents, Toronto

Emerging Soul: a Psychedelia Art Show

The soul, the mind, the heart. 

Psychedelia has the power to unveil barriers between all these faculties of life. Beyond just medicine, psychedelics aim to expand this consciousness through heightened awareness and feeling.

Dolly’s presents: Emerging Soul, a psychedelic art show with the goal to uplift our connections with each other, and ourselves. Come explore this connection at our opening reception on September 29, 2022 6PM-9PM

Exhibition Dates: Sept 29 to Oct 14


Series of cyanotypes that explore soul and mind scapes.

World Cyanotype Day - September 24 2022, online


The theme description on World Cyanotype Day website:

Enlighten is a verb.

Mr. Hesse wrote of the young Siddhartha sitting under a fig tree.  So it is told and told again.  Did the light come from without or within?

Place a fig, it must be ripe, on a table directly within a shaft of light.  It appears to glow, glow from within.  The old Dutch Painters brought the light with them.  Did they too sit under the fig tree?

The lemon or the apple, even the cheese appear to glow from within.  Did the Dutchmen meet for sweetened coffee and talk of worldly things or did they simply sit, understanding the way of the painter, occasionally signaling the light of a melon or a reflection in a crust of bread.

 Siddhartha did not go to Holland.  His words, “Be your own light,” travelled.

 “You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself.” - Buddha

Knowledge Ascending the Staircase

Cyanotype of a spiral stair in Long Room at Trinity College, Dublin.

RampUP - December 12 - 17 2022 StopGap Foundation at Tangled Art Gallery, Toronto & online

RampUP 2022

Ramp Up 2022 will feature the incredible artistic contributions of 23 local artists – all on ramp-shaped canvases. Our Toronto followers will be able to view the art ramps in person, thanks to Tangled Art & Disability’s generous offer to use their gallery space. Each piece will be on display from December 14th to 17th and online bidding will take place from December 12th to 17th. 

The pieces will be on display for viewing during the following gallery hours:

Wednesday, December 14 from 12 – 7 pm*
Thursday, December 15 from 12 – 5 pm
Friday, December 16 from 12 – 5 pm
Saturday, December 17 from 12 – 5 pm

Selective Memory

Cyanotype of an interpretive map of Toronto, emphasizing mind's ability to fill in the gaps in the image, but inability to hold everything in place all at once.

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