Current & Upcoming This Year

PhotoNOLA 2021 - November 2020 - March 2021 Healing Arts Center. New Orleans, LA

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Now, in the age of pandemics it is more evident than ever how we are dramatically interconnected, interdependent and just one part of the vast ecology of the earth, the web of life.  The web of life as an illustration of the totality of the relationships of the earth’s systems explains for us how the whole is greater than the sum of its parts; more powerful, more vital – complete. As a beautiful cut glass vase is much more than particles of sand, soda and lime, we, humanity are much more than one person, one community, one nation.

The flags will be taken to New Orleans to the Healing Arts Center for an exhibition beginning in December for PhotoNOLA until the end of Mardi Gras 2021.

Connective Tissue
Cyanotype on 100% cotton fabric, with layers of interconnected paths

City of Dreams - January 20 - 31 2021  Gallery 1313 (online) Toronto

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City of Dreams 

This is a group exhibition of works curated online as artists explore their urban environment and share with us the influences of our city on us. During the pandemic we have restrictions but our cities continue to grow and develop and we become even more aware of the structures around us as we take long walks exploring our neighborhoods. At night we dream of getting our cities back to some kind of normal  where we can dine, go to theatre and have dinner with friends. Some local businesses have become casualties of the pandemic closing never to return. This group exhibit curated by Phil Anderson, Director @ Gallery 1313 explores an eclectic range of art and diverse interpretations of our urban experience.

Paisley Silver Eye, Mushrooms
Mixed media on canvas

Unfurled: Artist Stories - February 10 - March 7 2021  Propeller Art Gallery (online) Toronto

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Unfurled: Artist Stories

Unfurled: Artist Stories is an exciting and stimulating online exhibition of work that encourages artists to unfurl their creativity and tell an artist’s tale on a long vertical strip of “fabric”. We have assembled a collection of vibrant banners and other fabricated stories to brighten and invigorate long winter days.The show includes 29 works by 22 artists — a fabulous mix of banners, deconstructed pieces, sculptural renderings and installations. ​Each piece is accompanied by a narrative that describes the inspiration for the work.

Exhibition Artists:
Doug Adams, Jane Murdoch Adams, Michael Black, Lucy Erskine, Sharron Corrigan Forrest, Susan Freypons, Peter Friedrichsen, Phyllis Gordon, Elizabeth Greisman, Lisa Johnson, Michelle Letarte, Ruth Maude, Pria Muzumdar, Doris Purchase, ​Dominique Prevost, Janet Read, Susan Ruptash, Kristen Stephen, Natalia Tcherniak, Tracy Thomson, Gwen Tooth and Jacqueline Treloar. 

A Long Journey

Cyanotype on watercolour paper
15″ x 2″
A Long Journey
Walk into the sea: face and embrace the turmoil of your own thoughts, constraints, and beliefs. Swim through the memories, sorrows, and joys. Float on the ideas, rumours, and hopes. Sail into the stars.

A Certain Kind Of Blue - March 2021  Analog Forever Magazine (online) 

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A Certain Kind of Blue

Analog Forever Magazine is pleased to showcase 81 images in this month’s online exhibition, entitled “A Certain Kind of Blue.” Curated by photographic artist and Assistant Professor in Photography at the University of Tampa, Jaime Aelavanthara, these cyanotype process photographs showcase the diverse range of expressive possibilities within this celebrated historic method. While the cyanotype process is hailed for its simplicity, it is also extraordinarily complex. The selected photographers collaged, toned, stitched, assembled with this process to create both two-dimensional and three-dimensional photographs that push creative boundaries to enhance the emotional quality of their art.

Hands of an Artist

Cyanotype on disposable latex gloves, using multiple negatives.