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Open - June 5 - 30 2024 Glasgow Gallery of Photography. Glasgow, UK


The Glasgow Gallery of Photography's mission is to advance the arts, heritage and cultural sector through exhibitions of photographic works as a means for artistic, community and personal expression.

The Glasgow Gallery of Photography is running a month long exhibition in June called Open. Our Open exhibitions are opened themed, meaning you can submit any work, whether is portrait, or landscape, street photography or still life, anything and everything is welcome in our Open exhibition.

In Seclusion- March 10 - April 10 2024, MetaSpace Gallery, online (Merseyside)

In Seclusion

In Seclusion is an exhibition that explores the surrounding theme ‘seclusion’- how do these artists respond to this word and its meaning and what it means to their practice?


I see seclusion as being trapped inside your own head, your own mind, with no other frame of reference to check your own sanity. Right before the pandemic, my day job was to design isolation rooms for a mental health facility, and then..

Years of isolation during pandemic has taught me that the scariest part of seclusion is not the physical constraints, but your own inability to get out, to get over your inner fears and complexes, inability to rejoin the world again. My headspace is both a sanctuary and prison: I can feel safe and protected, but I can never leave and open up. My artistic practice is revolved around the tension between yearning and rejection seclusion.

Art of City Building - February 28 - March 10 2024, Gallery 1313Toronto

Art of City Building

Artists are invited submit  art works that explore the theme of urban development, gentrification, housing and urban sprawl in this curated group exhibition. Architecture and design solutions to enhance city building.


Selective Memory Map

Cyanotype. While it is impossible for us to hold the entire image in out head, to know an area of the city to same extent as the next - our brain has an incredible ability to just fill in the blanks. This piece works best in your head.

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