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PhotoNOLA 2021 - November 2020 - March 2021 Healing Arts Center. New Orleans, LA


Now, in the age of pandemics it is more evident than ever how we are dramatically interconnected, interdependent and just one part of the vast ecology of the earth, the web of life.  The web of life as an illustration of the totality of the relationships of the earth’s systems explains for us how the whole is greater than the sum of its parts; more powerful, more vital – complete. As a beautiful cut glass vase is much more than particles of sand, soda and lime, we, humanity are much more than one person, one community, one nation.


The flags will be taken to New Orleans to the Healing Arts Center for an exhibition beginning in December for PhotoNOLA until the end of Mardi Gras 2021.

Connective Tissue
Cyanotype on 100% cotton fabric, with layers of interconnected paths