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a study in psychogeography

Cedar Ridge Creative Centre Juried Contemporary Exhibitions
February 9 -21 2019

Exhibition comprised of traditional and experimental cyanotype prints on a variety of media exploring themes of Connective Tissue and Dynamic Frame of Reference. Artwork speaks to a conceptual, site-specific and alternative ways of depicting history, perception, and communication. Inspired by psychogeography, an exploration of a familiar urban environment guided by the logic only known to an individual, manual and digital production techniques span across traditional and contemporary printmaking.


 "Architecture is the simplest means of articulating time and space, of modulating reality, of engendering dreams."(1) "[C]ities have a psychogeographical relief, with

constant currents, fixed points and vortexes 

which strongly discourage entry into or exit from certain zones." (2)


And then in its turn, the journey entered the 'zone'... I took the measure of the unbearable vanity of the West, that has never ceased to privilege being over non-being, what is spoken to what is left unsaid… Then I went down into the basement where my friend – the maniac – busies himself with his electronic graffiti. Finally, his language touches me, because he talks to that part of us which insists on drawing profiles on prison walls. A piece of chalk to follow the contours of what is not or is no longer, or is not yet; the handwriting each one of us will use to composed his own list of ‘things that quicken the heart,’ to offer, or to erase. In that moment poetry will be made by everyone, and there will be emus in the ‘zone.’(3)

3.Marker, Chris. Sans Soleil 1983 Argos Films, France

1. Chtcheglov, Ivan. "Formulary for a New Urbanism". Full text at

2.Knabb, Ken, ed. (1995). Situationist International Anthology. Berkley: Bureau of Public Secrets.

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