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RampUP - December 4 - 8 2023 StopGap Foundation at Tangled Art Gallery, Toronto & online

RampUP 2023

Running from December 4 to 8, the fundraiser will feature an online art auction with works from 24 talented local artists.

These art ramps will be on display at the @tangled_arts gallery space for the entire week, so Toronto community members will have the chance to admire the pieces in person.

Visit for gallery hours and a list of the participating artists!


Contemporary Ruins overtaken by Cavities

I biked to the edge of the world, where amongst newly made ruins, humanity attempted to rebuild civilization. The infrastructure replicated and multiplied, cascading down the stones, never grounded, filled by cavities; holes filling holes. What scale are we building at? How big is our hill?

World Cyanotype Day - September 30 2023 Alternative Photography. com World Cyanotype Day 

World Cyanotype Day


Her cast iron pots.

His pocket watch.

Her silk scarf.

His military uniform.

Her record collection.

His harmonica.

Your name.


"Inheritance - That which is inherited and serves as a representative of the former possessor."  

Show us your unique interpretation of "inheritance" for our celebration of "World Cyanotype Day 2023.

Inheritance. CMU: self-portrait in concrete and twine

Photograph of Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) wrapped in twine.  What is "Inheritance" if not a mold and a weight that follows us all our lives, a burden that we have to carry and support, continue to build, in order for our line to continue. 

Salon 17 - August 2 - 20 2023 Propeller Gallery  Toronto 

Salon 17

Salon 17 features 129 artworks by 85 artists in this annual showcase of work by Propeller Members & Invited Guests.
Since 2007 Salon has become an annual art event and an anticipated fixture in Propeller’s yearly programming. Once again we will fill the walls of the gallery with a classic salon-style exhibition and celebrate the diversity of styles of the Propeller community.
EXHIBITING ARTISTS: Olivia Aguiar, Sandamali Angunawela, Lex Barrie, Melissa Boodoo, Anne Boulton, Debra Carter,
Kailas Cassidy, Jennifer Coghill, lucie collins, Simone Collins, Vanessa Cress Lokos, Beverley Daniels, Jacques Descoteaux, Chris Domanski, Sandrine Dickel, Ulla Djelweh, Anna Edwards, Lucy Erskine, Marlene Etherington, Sarah Fabrizi, Susan Farquhar, Linda Fitz, Zia Foley, Brittany Forrest, Peter Friedrichsen, Douglas Gammage, Aryan Ghaemmaghami, Rosa Graci, Em Leighton Hern, Horst Herget, Rita Hisar, Thomas Hlavacek, Christine Hoeldke, Cathy Hunt, Nicola Jacobson, Heejae Jo, HyunRyoung Kim, Karen Klee-Atlin, Adam Kolodziej, Mark Krawczynski, Timothy Laspa, Kasia Latos, Jennie Lau, Sandra Laurin, Michelle Letarte, William Lottering, Valerie MacIntosh, Ian Mackenzie, Gary MacLeod, Christine Marshall-Smith, Viv Moore, Lauren Huffman Morris, Geoffrey Nawn, Frances O’Flynn, Anne-Marie Olczak, Loree Ovens, Frances Patella, Kamelia Pezeshki, Dominique Prevost,
Piera Pugliese, Doris Purchase, Heather Raymont, Saundra Reiner, Edna Ruiz, Susan Ruptash, Garth Scheuer, Sheryl Shapiro, Olivia Mae Sinclair, Audrey Smith, Carol Lee Smith, Vidhya Srijesh, Cortney Stephenson, Marianne Sung, Liz “Ela” Szymczak, Natalia Tcherniak, Carol Finkbeiner Thomas, Tracy Thomson, Gwendolyne J. Tooth, Audra Townsend, Roxanne Tull, Theo Vandergraaf, Andres Vosu, Helena Wehrstein, Noriko Yamamoto, and Shahnaz Yekta-Fard.

Selective Memory Map

Cyanotype. While it is impossible for us to hold the entire image in out head, to know an area of the city to same extent as the next - our brain has an incredible ability to just fill in the blanks. This piece works best in your head.

All the Small Things - June 22 - July 4 2023 Northern Contemporary Gallery Toronto

All the Small Things

"All The Small Things", a small works show! There is no theme or restrictions on subject matter, but all work must measure 12"x12" and under. 

Inner Woods; Headlands

Cyanotype, screenprint

RAW Artists Showcase - May 5 2023 RAW Toronto presents CONCEPT, McCormack Warehouse

RAW Artists Canada

RAW spotlights independent talent in visual art, film, fashion & accessories design, music, performance art, beauty, crafts, tech, and photography. RAW is a fun and alternative way for creatives to showcase both to their local community and the world at large. 

RAW showcases are live events that feature hand-selected independent artists in all creative genres: visual art, fashion & accessory design, craft, film, tech, music, performance art, hair & makeup artistry, and photography.

Our international team works to plan, promote & produce each local eclectic RAW showcase in 70+ cities around the globe. Every showcase event is a snapshot of the creative culture from the area.

Natalia Tcherniak | Blueprint Jam


The McCormack Warehouse

131 McCormack Street
Toronto, ON

 May 5th 7pm to midnight

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