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The Hand Magazine  - July 2020 Issue #29 Contributing Artist

The Hand Magazine is dedicated to being the world’s premier forum for innovative and experimental uses of reproduction-based media. We are interested in how artists include their own hand in the art object while utilizing mechanical or reproduction-based techniques. We are interested in publishing any and all forms of photography and printmaking; whether the work is strictly a photograph or print, or whether the work incorporates these processes in a sculptural, multi-media or collage format.

Hands of an Artist

Cyanotype on latex gloves. 

Beyond the Page -  June 15 2020 Brooklyn Art Library Blog series

A new series “Beyond the Page” will feature the outside work made by SBP participants that work in other mediums. Our hope is for this series to showcase the various mediums artists within the project work in and how the outside work they create relates to their sketchbook in the collection. The series will exist on a few of our different platforms including the BAL blog, Instagram and IGTV, and our digital newsletter.

Beyond the Page - Natalia Tcherniak

Natalia Tcherniak is multimedia artist and architect based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada who is currently working on a Volume 16 sketchbook. Read on to learn more about Natalia’s practice, cyanotype process and other projects.

Art Connect -  April 2020 Alone Together - Honorable Mention 

At times like these, art becomes even more meaningful. We experienced that first-hand seeing the submissions to our open call ‘Alone Together,’ hosted with Studio Uncoated. 

Hands protected by latex

Hands protected by latex – wanting to reach, unable to touch, connecting through art – carry themessage that we are not alone. An imprint of the universe runs through a crowd of silhouettes – weare holding the world together. Chemistry and sunlight become our connective tissue.

Josephine di Fijter: I want to applaud you for designing the latex gloves that currently protect us. You outperform the sterile function of the product by making it human again. I am curious to hear about the depictions you show.

KARBN Magazine - April 2020 Sketchbook #2 

A collection of work by artists of all crafts. Karbn is a platform that allows them to create their vision without compromise; free from commercialization, free from restriction.

Series: Headlands & Psychogeography

Cyanotypes exploring mapping of the mind and of the surroundings

Vocal-esk Magazine - Spring 2020 Issue #1 Street Architecture

Vocal-esk is an international magazine that celebrates bold and provoking ideas through engagement, sustainability and knowledge. It is a hub created to support established and emerging voices to share their work.

We Are Not Alone

Collection of incidental street moments of Toronto.

Dwell Time Magazine - March 2020 Issue #2 Reflections on Mental Wellbeing

Dwell time: The time a train spends at a scheduled stop without moving. Typically, this time is spent boarding or alighting passengers, but it may also be spent waiting for traffic ahead to clear, or idling time in order to get back on schedule. Dwell Time is an arts publication reflecting on mental wellbeing produced in collaboration with Penistone Line Partnership, seeking drawings, illustrations, poetry and stories about real life, raw feelings and survival stories; more about the journeys more than the destinations. Everybody has mental health just like physical health; whether considered in good shape or not, therefore everybody is eligible to contribute with reflections on these topics.

Scattered Mental Blocks

Self portrait with multiple negatives. The subject matter addresses depression and scattered thoughts, entrapment and solitude, but also a sense of inner peace - you are in your space, and all around you - is you.

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