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VAINE Magazine 03: Mental Health

I am very thrilled to announce that VAINE Magazine Issue 03: Mental Health is out today! VAINE is an Arts and Literature Magazine for emerging writers and artists. Issue 03: Mental Health features a wide selection of poetry on themes such as anxiety, depression, detention in a mental health facility, addiction, anorexia and more; fiction addressing issues such as trauma and suicidal thoughts, and features on PTSD and an in-depth interview with a former NHS psychiatrist, all illustrated with incredible artwork from an international host of emerging artists and illustrators. As you may know I am an advocate for mental health issues awareness, supporting those who speak freely about their experience, sharing support resources, and fighting stigma. Half the proceeds from this issue will be donated to CALM, the UK charity dedicated to tackling suicide.

Please follow link below to purchase a magazine full of powerful, insightful, vulnerable and sincere works. Thank you


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