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Equilibrium  - In collaboration with Interspatial

Photography by Natalia Bakaeva, Natalia Tcherniak, & Khristel Studios

April 16 -  May 28 2018.

Yonge + St. Clair Earth Month

2 St Clair W. Toronto

Installation Day - April 14  2018

Video by Victoria Alberto & Natalia Tcherniak

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All Videos

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"In celebration of Earth Month, we would like to bring attention to the richness, diversity, and complexity of life on our planet. Earth is a complex system of networks, that are dynamic, evolving and yet exist in a balance. Borrowing from Theory of Complexity, “Equilibrium” explores relationships within a set of suspended mobiles that creates their own emergent pattern, allowing the structure to morph and evolve. While being intricate, delicate, and fragile, the installation is also conveying a sense of hope – that even though the Earth’s balance can be easily offset, life’s inherent resilience will find its way to harmony."



Natalia Bakaeva & Natalia Tcherniak

Installation Crew: Natalia Bakaeva, Natalia Tcherniak, Victoria Alberto, Johnny Green


De-Installation Day - May 28  2018

De-Installation Crew: Natalia Bakaeva, Natalia Tcherniak, Maureen Gualtieri, Benji Fitzerman, Johnny Green


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