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Upcoming Exhibitions

It's been a while, but I finally happy to share that some exhibition action will be happening this year! Coming up Feb 28 - March 10 is "Art of City Building" at Gallery 1313, here in Toronto. I am very grateful to 1313 and its curator Phil Anderson for continuously supporting and encouraging me, despite being so unproductive over the past few years.

Opening Reception : Feb 29th 6:30pm (1313 Queen St West, Toronto)

And another show lined up for me is "Open" at Glasgow Gallery of Photography in June ( June 5 - 30). This was a great international opportunity for me, again I am very grateful to the gallery's curators for the way it is organized and run, making it easy for the artists. I am hoping to find a way to attend in person, and to bask in the inspiration that Scotland, and travelling in general, has to give.


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