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The Time Capsule Project

I have signed up to participate in Brooklyn Art Library's new project - The Time Capsule!

"Welcome to the year 2072. Everyone has their own Apple jetpack, dogs can talk, and Fast and Furious 321: Escape from the Metaverse just won best picture.

After a wild 2.5 years, we wanted to find a way for our community to preserve something and tell a story about 2022, so we're filling a time capsule and burying it for 50 years. Sign up, receive a mini sketchbook, and join 1,000 people in sending a note to the future."

I have decided to do "a day in the life", something I've been thinking about for awhile, and maybe this is the time to do it. Also I am really hoping to stick to coherent story this time, as opposed to my usual "and now for something completely different". We'll see. (in 50 years)


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