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Art Builds at 1313 Gallery

Very happy to share the First In-Person Exhibition at 1313 Gallery, entitled "Art Builds" opens today! Safety measures are in places, so by all means, please come by and see a great selection of works in person and online.

This exhibition lets artists explore architecture and development. As our cities grow we see ourselves surround by the sights and sounds of construction. Housing and living in the city become expensive and the pandemic forces people to live in tents in city parks. Some artists have a fantasy about architecture and design which shows up in their work. Architects also become artists and their art reflects their work. Parkdale is a fusion of architectural styles. The Gallery itself is housed in an art deco building from 1931.

Partcipants in this exhibition include Gerda R. Wekerle, Blair White*, Natalia Tcherniak, Brenda Bornstein, Sandra Franke, Ian McLean*, James McCallan, Elizabeth Greisman and others.

* indicates online only


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