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AlternativePhotography - Pure Inspiration, vol 1 June 2024

Pure Inspiration emerged unexpectedly from our Calendar & Journal event. The idea stemmed from a desire to preserve the beauty of entries beyond the year’s end. The theme, Composites, encouraged experimentation, resulting in stunning artworks that blend multiple techniques that seemed to spark creativity. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a newcomer, this book will inspire you to explore alternative photography and unleash your own creativity.

Natalia Tcherniak. Cosmos

Cosmos is made of cyanotype, ink and cutouts. Cyanotype on watercolour paper, using a digital negative, an ink drawing, and paper cutouts of people forming a human pyramid. In a technical sense, a combination of different negative types, and playing with scale, responds to the theme of "composites". But in a more conceptual sense, the idea of "cosmos", or the universe, is a composition of infinite variations, where celestial bodies, man-made structures, and humanity, can all float together in harmony.

Natalia did a Q&A with The Layered Onion, talking about her art:

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