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Sketchbooks of the World - February 2022 Volume 1. Brooklyn Art Library

Sketchbooks of the World: Volume 1 highlights an array of inspiring sketchbook spreads made by artists from our collection who live all over the world. The sketchbook spreads span years, volumes, themes, and different media. Each artist provided a handwritten note about their sketchbook and an artist bio so you can get to know them. We hope that this book inspires you to create while digging a little bit deeper into our collection!

Butterfly Universe spread

Cyanotype and mixed media in sketchbook

FROM | Outsider Art Magazine - July 2022 Issue Nine

Art from the Outside is a magazine dedicated to Outsider Artists! We use the term "Outsider" loosely to cover various other art forms. Below is a non conclusive listing of what you can expect to see in Outsider Art Magazine: Outsider Art Art Brut Self-Taught Artists Folk Art Underground Arts Lowbrow Art Dark Art Naïve Art Neuve Invention Intuitive Art etc ... Of course, the is not a list set in stone and there are more than a few ways to interpret what constitutes an Outsider Artist. Art is Art

Replace Your Name by Numbers

Cyanotype on sketchbook paper. This piece deals with social justice, and injustice, prejudice and discrimination, and what it would be like if you were just a number?

Collect Art Magazine- September 2022 Autumn Issue


Collection of cyanotypes exploring mental landscape and psychogeography

Collect Art is an independent ad-free online art gallery, dedicated to discovering and promoting art.

A common space for artists, photographers, designers, and other artists.

Based in Tbilisi, Georgia

Vaine Magazine - Autumn 2022 Issue 06

Founded in 2020, Vaine is a magazine and creative platform giving a voice to emerging artists and writers.

​Based in Wales, they publish thematic issues on a quarterly basis, offering a selection of poetry, short fiction, features writing and art from emerging artists and writers from around the world, available in both digital and print.

There are so many factors that influence our personal relationships with place and identity. It’s barely ever enough for most people to say “I am (insert singular national identity)” or “I’m from (insert place of origin)” and neatly sum up their story of origin, without batting an eyelid.  More often and not, these answers are fraught with contradiction, complexity, personal and political history, and many times, a hugely revealing part of ourselves - which we sometimes just don’t want to get into with a complete stranger. ​This issue aims to fully explore these types of answers, to get a sense of the diversity, and perhaps commonality, of these experiences, and as always, try and bring them together, combining the work of artist and writers, into one cohesive whole.

Replaced Self

About the pieces: I don’t consider it a series, but more of a triptych, exploring my relationship with place and self. All the works were made by superimposing my own image against photographs of different places in Russia, progressing from being “intact” to completely disassembled (as stand-alone body parts) and the spaces progress toward being abandoned and decayed. The intend to show how even though motherland is still part of my identity, it slowly dissolving and fading in its influence on what I am as an individual now. (I immigrated to Canada 24 years ago).

Drowned Self and Repainted Self were selected for publication.

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