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Across the Universe

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Celebrating John Lennon's 80th Birthday, and general joy of life, been experimenting with more stamps! Great success and a lot of fun

World Cyanotype Day 2020

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World Cyanotype Day Is here! Below are just some of the participating organizations that facilitate submissions from around the world! This is really quite remarkable!

The Halide Project

Alternative Photography

World Cyanotype Day - Interconnected 

Also Kensington Market Art Fair final instalment is SUNDAY, Sept 27

77 Nassau Ave, Toronto

noon to 7pm

For all your cyanotypical needs! Hope to see you there!

World Cyanotype Day 2020

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World Cyanotype Day approacheth...! This year's theme is "Interconnected", and it strikes a special chord with me, and my on-going theme of "connective tissue". I feel this year it has resonated with lots of people, and a lot more galleries/organizations are on board with WCD! Here are some to check out, that I have made contributions to, and with more information on how to participate and enjoy! 

The Halide Project

Alternative Photography

World Cyanotype Day - Interconnected 

KMAF 2020

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THIS SUNDAY! Kensington Market Art Fair is on - local artists reconnect with the public in a safe outdoor environment. 

Sunday August 30th

12pm - 7pm

77 Nassau Ave, Toronto

Bring PPE, cash, or phones for eTransfers! 

Hope to see you there!

Flow downstream

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I've noticed a new theme emerging in my work this year. Cyanotype process is becoming more congruent with my paintings - letting go on control, leaving only intent, letting things flow freely. The reason I was drawn to cyanotypes to begin with is the idea of being able to "paint with photography. I am coming back to that notion; it's coming out of me like a blue cable! Quite literally it has come to "you cut me, I bleed ink", except in cyanide. 

Hands in Hand

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Very happy to share that my cyanotyped gloves made it to The Hand Magazine Issue #29! The issue, like all of them, is filled with exceptional work by international artists, I am very proud to be in such good company!

We are not alone

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Sometime last year I was given an opportunity to be a part of something "unique and wonderful", that is Vocal-esk Magazine. Created by Elizabeth & Sam Kapasa, it is an international magazine that celebrates bold and provoking ideas through engagement, sustainability and knowledge. It is a hub created to support established and emerging voices to share their work.

Volume 1, entitled Street Architecture, is out now, available via Blurb - it is a collection of beautiful and inspirational projects all over the world, including some familiar faces. Thank you Design-esk and Spatial-esk

Branching out

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A few days ago I've participated in a Silkscreen Intensive Workshop at InPrint Collective. It was indeed very intense, a crash course in silk screen printing, where we were taught how to coat and expose our negatives, how to set up a printing station at home, and how to experiment with inks and paper. It was wonderful! I highly recommend following the works of inPrint Collective, these are great people and talented artists. 
In other news, another episode of my web series is now online, - this one is dedicated my recent fascination with ST:TNG and timed with Sir Patrick Steward's 80th birthday!

A day in a life of Concrete Masonry Unit

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Last week I've participated in a workshop "CommunitiesCreate with IWCC & IPF | Creating a Web Series in Isolation", hosted by my wonderful friend Samantha Wan. We were prompted by the question of how we are feeling, and encouraged to use this media of web episodes to explore our own wellbeing. The series that I ended up doing is an elaboration of my previously-conceived character of a concrete block in the Butterfly Universe. During my years of undergrad I've been making similar comic strips, "Bobhaus", using characters of Weebl &Bob as applied to my friends and classmates. Building up on that, with influences of "Strindberg and Helium", and "The Adventures of Joye Ramone" from Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy, as well as some of my favorite cartoonists, Gemma Correll and Sarah Andersen, I eventually made it something that captures my life (as a block) at 100% non-fiction autobiographical accuracy. I am hoping to keep it up on regular basis.

Beyond the Page

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Super excited to share the interview I did for Brooklyn Art Library's blog, "Beyond the Page" series. Thank you Alison, and The Sketchbook Project for letting me share some of insights into my practice and what sketchbook means to me. 

Head over to their blog to read the full story, or Instagram for some of the photos, or sign up for the Sketchbook Project and contribute to the beautiful world of art! Thanks everyone


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The past month has been a bit of creative block: feeling drained of the energy well, struggling to keep on creating. But it also gave way to a different kind of experiments, a way to document this entrapment. And in the end, I did feel I've made a breakthrough - I was able to depict exactly how I felt - a person trapped inside a thick glass cube, inside their own head. Mental blocks galore

A Walk in the Woods

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I've been experimenting a lot with stamps, as well as different paper. Most of it came out of necessity; with access to supplies being limited at the moment, I had to make-do with what I got at hand. It is interesting, if anything, as an exercise in resourcefulness. 

Day Day Day

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It's been 8 weeks in quarantine and isolation, and some of them were creative and productive, and some were not. In my Mental Health Awareness life I was able to contribute to a fundraiser created by Jessica Twentyman in support of Crisis Text Line, called #create4corona, as well as get in touch with @artformentalhealth. Check these organizations - whether you need help, and can provide help. Let's keep holding hands, without touching.

Bloody Spring

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Well, things have been tough for everyone lately, but spring will come, with or without us, and there will be flowers. I`ve done some experimenting with stamps and overlays, and yes, it has come to this - a botanical cyanotype. They are made out of people, they are standing together, holding hands, and making life beautiful.

Supplant the doom and the gloom,

Turn off what is sour! 

Turn into a flower, 

And Bloom! Bloom! Bloom!

Alone Together

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Very happy to share that I have participated in Art Connect's latest project "Alone Together", and my work was selected for an Honorable Mention from the curator Josephine di Fijter:
"“I want to applaud you for designing the latex gloves that currently protect us. You outperform the sterile function of the product by making it human again. I am curious to hear about the depictions you show.”


Thank you Josephine and Art Connect, I am very delighted to have contributed to such great project. I encourage everyone to check this great platform for art sharing!

KARBN Magazine

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Long wait is over! KARBN Magazine Sketchbook #2 is out today, and it is looking marvelous! I am very delighted and honoured to be featured with my two series of works (Headlands and Psygeography), alongside with 9 spectacular artists. Thank you to the creators behind this wonder, Erika and Christia, and thank you all those who contributed.

The magazine is available to read online, and to buy a hard copy

Keeping it together

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Happy Easter and Cosmonautics Day, week 4 in quarantine. Luckily there are so many great art projects and opportunities, shows and galleries online, that the only way to keep sane is through art! Thank You all those who are fighting this invisible war - those at the front, at hospitals, homes, streets,  and labs, and those of the home guard - staying home and staying creative. 

Art in the Time of Isolation

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We've all been cooped up inside, all art-related public activities and places temporarily closed, but I've been making a lot! My Sketchbook Project for Brooklyn Art Library is coming along, lots of experiments on wood and latex, just making art every day. Hope you are finding your ways to be creative

Glove love

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I've been experimenting with different materials for some time now, but finally managed to get a decent print on latex gloves! This is testing grounds for even bigger project in progress...

Artists in the Gallery

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I am very happy to share that I have joined the online gallery of It's a great resource and a community of international artists in many forms of alternative photography techniques. My "about" page now links to a place where my artist-self lives (away from here)

Butterfly Universe

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I have signed up for The Sketchbook Project with Brooklyn Art Library. And have already picked a theme and started at it! It's going to be a combination of hand drawings, sketches, cyanotypes, and letter press, all revolving around the theme "A Sky Full of Diamonds". Can't wait to see it all come together!

You Are Here

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Very happy to share that my work has been accepted to You are Here exhibition at John B. Aird Gallery.

The exhibition runs

March 5th to April 3rd

Opening reception - March 5th  6pm to 8pm
906 Queen Street West, B05, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6J 1G6


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Contradictory to a popular belief, I am not dead! I've been sick for a while, but none the less, been applying to shows. Coming up is "Structures" at Gallery 1313 Process. Exhibition runs 

Feb 5 -16

Opening reception Feb 6 at 8pm

Snapd Bloor West coverage of the reception

then B

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Huge success of Alexus Projects "A then B" that closed this Sunday. twelve artists participated in transformation of each other art works into something unexpected and fascinating, multiplying the art in the gallery. Huge thanks to everyone participated, to Alexis and AJ for curating, and Albany Pizza for supporting the arts!


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Very happy to share that I will taking part in the Portrait Exhibition at Gallery 1313 in the new year! 

It's another step for me: even though I use myself as a subject quite often, I never qualify these works as "portraits". My homegirl Bob said, "I feel like your compositions are sharing an increasingly personal narrative", which I find a huge step in my artistic development.

The show runs Jan 8th to 19th 2020

Opening Reception January 9th at 8pm

Hope to see you there!

Print Exchange 2.0

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LunchMoneyPrint's Print Exchange 2020 is mailing deadline is coming up soon, and I finally picked a design from my recent Headlands series - highlights from this year: Dublin's Long Room, Star Finder, and endless spiraling thoughts. What a year

A then B

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Exciting new collaborative project ahead - "A then B", curated by AJ Nayake & Alexis Venerus!

A then B is a group of Toronto based artists working in a variety of mediums 

At the part A reception the artists will be taking each others pieces and implementing changes, using them to spark ideas for new projects and opening up to collaboration. The body of work will have the same foundation but be ultimately changed by the B reception.

Grab-a-Slice gallery : where

12.17.2019-01.12.2020 : when

12.18.2019 : A reception

01.08.2020 : B reception


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Huge success at StopGap Foundation Gala last night, Ramp Up 2019! All of the beautiful ramps were sold, lots of money raised, great time had by all. Thank you for having me this year, I'm glad to have contributed my artwork for the great cause! I am very proud of myself for receiving a descriptor "badass" for my ramp. Yes, badass is me.  


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Happy to share that I will be participating in StopGap Foundation Annual FUNraiser event, RampUp 2019 by donating a ramp artwork for a silent auction. All proceeds go to support Stop Gap Foundation that creates more accessible spaces throughout the city and the country. Please join me at the event

November 21st  6:00PM

Artscape Wychwood Barns

601 Christie Street, Toronto, Ontario M6G 4C7

CRUSH Centrefold

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Happy to share that I have finally got my copy of CRUSH Zine in the mail, and it is beautiful! Huge thank you to the editor Kat Pruss, and Bi+ Arts Festival, Toronto, and all those who contributed and made it happened! It is very inspiring piece of work.

I am well chuffed to make the centrefold too, that I did not see coming. Thank you again

Print Exhange Continues

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Print exchange artwork at City-Wide-Open-Studios Alternative Space weekend in New Haven, Connecticut! Wonderful people of Lunch Money Print are keeping it all alive!

Artspace - City-Wide-Open Studios

Alternative Space Weekend

Yale West Campus

100 West Campus Drive, Building 410 Orange, CT

Saturday and Sunday, November 2-3

12:00 - 18:00

Cyanotype Artist

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I was testing out a new google search options for this website, and randomly came across a mention on UNCC blog about myself: "Nat Tcherniak is a Russian born artist working in Toronto, Canada, primarily with cyanotype. Her work focuses on the idea of a "Connective Tissue", which she emphasizes by mapping, layering, and Creating frames within her work. The concept behind them is her search for her own "psychological construction assembly"." 
I must say it is very well comprised short bio, I think I might use it myself from now on. Thank you Yasmine Royal

World Mental Health Day

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Today is World Mental Health Day, another day in my Mental Heath Awareness life. As you may know, I am huge advocate for mental health and attending to it, so I have created another variation on my "Headlands" series, with the Doors' lyrics, "ghosts crowd young child's fragile eggshell mind". To me, it's about those ghosts of the past, from your childhood, the inner demons that sit inside your head, still, and tell you what you SHOULD be. The battle is every day.

Also, I think beehive is me. And yes, there is a Doors song for every situation in life.

Autumn Sun

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Catching beautiful autumn sunlight, starting on the Ireland collection, from my most recent trip. To quote my homegirl, "My heart is full of love and rock'n'roll".

World Cyanotype Day

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Happy World Cyanotype Day! Today was rainy here in Toronto, so I have not been printing, however, it was still celebrated worldwide! I hope a lot of you have sent your flags to A Smith Gallery, because they are flying proud!

Bi Arts Festival

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CRUSH is an annual publication celebrating and exploring the Bi+ experience and is printed in conjunction with the Toronto Bi Arts Festival. Its third edition features my work as well as an array of other fab bi artists. 

Unfortunately the festival has passed, but you happen to lay your eyes on Zine copy, you're in for a treat!

Five Elements

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Very happy to share that my work is included in ';Five Elements" show at Neighbourhood Art Gallery of NUUC. The exhibition focuses on five elements: water, fire, earth, air, and spirit - I have chosen Water and Spirit with my edition of West Pier Ghosts and Walk into the Sea. 

Exhibition runs Sept 29 - Nov 17 

Opening reception: Oct 6th noon to 1pm

79 Hiawatha Road,

Toronto, Ontario M4L 2X7



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World Cyanotype Day is coming  on September 28th this year!

The theme is Land/Sea/Sky - I got Lake Ontario as "sea", and star finder to navigate. 

My fellow artists, get your blues, and send in your flags:

A Smith Gallery 

103 N Nugent #175

P O Box 175

Johnson City, TX 78636

Dwell Time

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Very happy to share that my piece entitled "Scattered Mental Blocks" (working title "Juanita") was published in an online magazine Dwell Time - Reflections on Mental Wellbeing.

Dwell Time is an arts publication reflecting on mental wellbeing produced in collaboration with Penistone Line Partnership. The publication will be distributed on the Penistone Line trains travelling from Huddersfield to Sheffield. Calling at: Huddersfield, Lockwood, Berry Brow, Honley, Brockholes, Stocksmoor, Shepley, Denby Dale, Penistone, Silkstone Common, Dodworth, Barnsley, Wombwell, Elsecar (limited stop), Chapeltown, Meadowhall and Sheffield.

Everybody has mental health just like physical health; whether considered in good shape or not, therefore everybody is eligible to contribute with reflections on these topics.

Moon Landing

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Thank you all who made to Aga Khan Museum Moon Landing Festival this weekend - it was overall a great success!  Thank you those who bought our art, and those who took our business cards - looking forward to getting in touch with all of you!

Moon in sight

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Getting excited for the Moon Landing Festival tomorrow, alongside with Tara Keens-Douglas, and many other artisan vendors. The heat warning of 43'C is kind of worrisome, but hopefully we can keep our cool. Hope to see you there!

Saturday and Sunday, July 20th & 21st
Noon to 6
Aga Khan Museum park


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Very Happy to share that I will be part of IMPACT 2019 exhibition at Neilson Park Creative Centre!

July 22 - August 9th

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Tuesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

56 Neilson Drive
Toronto, ON  M9C 1V7


Opening reception and awards ceremony on Thursday, July 25 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Moon Landing Festival

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We are going to the Moon!! [Landing Festival] - happy to share that Tara and I will be manning a vendor tent at Aga Kahn Museum Park Moon Landing Festival! Come out and enjoy a fun weekend of music, food, art, dance, and artisan vendors!

July 20th and 21st (Satuday-Sunday)

Noon to 6pm


77 Wynford Drive, Toronto, Ontario M3C 1K1

Summer Emerging

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Happy to share that my work has been accepted to Summer Emerging Artists exhibition at Gallery 1313 again this year. Yes, I just keep on emerging...

The exhibition runs July 3rd to 14th

Wednesday – Sunday, 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm 
1313 Queen Street West Toronto, ON

Opening reception July 4th 6:30-9pm

Printmaking Show at GAS

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It's time for the annual Printmaking Show at Gerrard Art Space - I am happy to have contributed 4 of my pieces, all loosely themed around "the Lake".


Show runs June 26th to July 14th

Opening Reception June 29th 3PM-6PM

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